LeBron James On Derrick Rose, Unicorns, And The NFL Playoffs


If you were up at 5am this morning you may have had a chance to ask Lebron James a question.

The reigning MVP rolled up to his house at 5am this morning after a long road trip with the Miami Heat. James couldn’t sleep so he decided to hold an impromptu Q&A session on Twitter.

Five in the morning isn’t the most active time on Twitter but when you have more than 11 million followers you’re bound to find someone to talk to. James answered questions about the NFL Playoffs, his favorite sports team, and whether he is actually laughing when he types “LOL.”

LeBron Picks the Seattle Seahawks to beat the New Orleans Saints.

Liverpool FC is his favorite team.

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durrant are the toughest players to guard in the league.

He does laugh when he types “lol.”

He’s a big fan of girls named Jennifer.

He would buy a unicorn but only if it could provide some sort of service. It seems like the King has some serious standards when it comes to mythical beasts.

LeBron told his fans that he would answer questions for fifteen minutes but he ended up hanging out for more than an hour. The NBA superstar answered questions about money, fame and sports, but he also handed some parenting advice. When asked how to get a child to sleep, LeBron said that his performance in the 2011 Finals would do the trick.

As a Chicago Bulls fan, LeBron also weighed in on the most important questions hanging over the sports world.

Is this the end of Derrick Rose?

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