The Winners Of CES 2014 On Social Media

CES 2014

CES 2014 is coming to an end, and last week we shared the most talked-about products leading up to the mega electronics show.

Today, social media monitoring company Digimind is back with new data, this time sharing the top winners on social media, including most mentioned products.

Here are the top three winners of CES 2014 based on social media mentions:

  • Smartwatches, which were also the most talked-about product leading up to CES.
  • Intel, leading as the most buzzed-about brand.
  • Dr. Dre, thanks to an after-party Thursday sponsored by Beats By Dre, and featuring such musical acts as Kendrick Lamar.

Analyzing positive sentiment, here were the top smartwatches mentioned on social media:

  • Pebble Steel – 89 percent positive.
  • Qualcomm Toq – 85 percent positive, a 74 percent increase from one week prior.
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear – 74 percent positive.

Apple’s iWatch has been rumored to be launching soon, but due to production problems, 58 percent of mentions were negative.

Here were the top mentioned wearable health monitors at CES 2014:

  • Fitbit – 68 percent of mentions.
  • Nike Fuelband – 23 percent of mentions.
  • Jawbone – 8 percent of mentions.

In terms of positive sentiment, Nike’s Fuelband came in number one at 82 percent, followed by the Jawbone UP and Fitbit Force.

What do you think was the most exciting product unveiled at CES 2014?

Photo credit: samsungtomorrow via photopin cc

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