It’s So Cold Even Hell Has Frozen Over

Hell Freezes Over Cold

As the United States emerges from a deep freeze that broke several temperature records, it’s worth noting that it was so cold even Hell froze over. Well, Hell, Michigan, that is. It’s worth noting that the city, which plays up its name for tourism’s sake, freezes every year.

However, this year is different, since the small town set a new low temperature record in the past few days. The media and Twitter decided to have a little fun with the news, with several mentioning things like having to get back with their exes, or joking about making good on uncashed promises.

Of course, with all the joking around, there were a few people who weren’t going to cave and laugh at the silly headlines. Like this dude.

And for those who are legitimately worried about Hell freezing over, don’t worry. Warmer temps are coming.

[Image: Twitter]

Melissa Stusinski
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