Bing Now Allows You To Search For Friends’ Facebook Photos

The Bing/Facebook integration just went deeper

Bing‘s social search integration with Facebook is even deeper now that you can search your Facebook photos (and the photos of all your friends) after authorizing the Bing app. Using the Microsoft search engine to search for photos shows results arranged Pinterest-style in a waterfall layout.

“Ho-hum, you say, but we haven’t even gotten to the cool (also, potentially creepy) part. With Bing, you can do something that Facebook doesn’t even allow you to do: namely, search for specific keywords in captions or album titles. So if you search “Greg wasted” on Facebook, you won’t get squat. Searching for it on Bing? You get all of the pictures related to your buddy Greg who got gloriously wasty-face last Friday night.

“With more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, photo viewing is one of the most popular things people do on Facebook,” Bing wrote in a blog post. “Bing now lets you quickly find that special photo (out of your friends’ thousands) on Facebook with the new Friends’ Photo feature.”

Hey, but remember when we said that this feature is potentially creepy?

The Bing search might not be anything people want. You know how it goes. Every time Facebook changes things up, people complain about something, and last time, with Facebook’s switch to Facebook Timeline, people complained that the new layout made it easier to creep a users photos. It’s a legitimate concern, especially since employers still use Facebook as a way of vetting potential employees.

But don’t worry. Greg’s job prospects are still as safe as ever, as only friends will be able to see the photos.

“In Bing Friends’ Photos, your friends will only see photos you’ve shared with them, and your photos can’t be seen by anyone other than your friends on Facebook,” the blog post states. “Microsoft is committed to being clear about how we use your data, and to giving you control, enhanced security, and benefit for sharing your data.”

So it’s kind of a neat feature, especially if you want to search for specific photos from years past a bit quicker.

Here’s a sample of what you might see:

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