Neil Patrick Harris Holds A Drinking Contest With Himself [Photos]

Neil Patrick Harris Margaritas

Neil Patrick Harris decided to hold a drinking contest with himself on the last day of his vacation in Mexico and, like anything the actor participates in, it was fantastic.

Harris drank only margaritas, and paired almost every glass with a photo of what he was doing while drinking. And, well, it’s certainly an adventure. He started out strong, appearing to have the margarita-drinking under control.

However, the actor soon learned that margaritas shouldn’t be messed with.

Enter drunkface No. 1.

Thankfully, it looks like Harris isn’t a depressed drunk, but rather a fun one!

And then it really caught up to him.

But there are no breaks for margarita lovers, or Neil Patrick Harris, who was determined to win the drinking contest against himself.

But no one told him he shouldn’t hang out near pools while drinking.

Since this was his last tweet, we can assume Harris is either still passed out on the beach, was carried out to sea, or someone carried him back to bed.

Thankfully for Neil Patrick Harris, hangovers don’t last forever.

[Image: Instagram, h/t: Gawker]

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