No Evidence Of Time Travel On Twitter

Time Travel Proof Twitter

It time travel does exist, there’s no evidence of it on Twitter, at least according to a study performed by researchers who probably had too much time on their hands.

The researchers conducted extensive searches on the internet and social media to search for time travelers who went back in history, then bragged about their adventure online. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten any hits yet.

The idea came about while an astrophysicist was chatting with friends during a poker game, notes The Associated Press. He and his students at Michigan Technological University in Houghton searched for mentions of events like Pope Francis and Comet ISON before they became reality with the idea that, if someone mentioned the event before it actually happened, they must have come back from the future with special knowledge of what would happen.

However, they came up empty-handed. The researchers also took to Twitter in September and asked people to tweet “#Icanchangethepast2” before August, a month earlier. No one did it.

But, for those who hope time travel does exist, the results don’t mean your hopes are dashed. Instead, it’s possible that time travelers simply aren’t writing about their experiences on Twitter.

The results were rejected by three physics journals, but they will be presented on Tuesday at the American Astronomical Society conference in Washington, D.C.

[Image: Robbert van der Steeg]

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