Teacher Eats McDonald’s For Three Months, Loses Weight [Video]

Teacher Loses Weight On McDonald's

A science teacher in Iowa ate McDonald’s for every meal for 90 days straight, and lost 37 pounds doing it. John Cisna enlisted his students’ help for the experiment, which was aimed at seeing what would happen if he only ate McDonald’s for 90 days.

The result of his efforts went viral on Reddit and even made the local news, which isn’t surprising, given Cisna experienced the opposite of what you’d expect.

However, it’s worth considering that the teacher had his students pick meals using the fast food chain’s online nutritional menu, making sure his meals were as balanced as possible. Cisna also started exercising on a regular basis, taking 45-minute walks every day until it got too cold.

But Cisna didn’t heavily restrict himself on his food intake. His typical breakfast was two egg white McMuffins and a bowl of maple oatmeal. Lunch was typically a salad, and dinner was normally a value meal, such as a cheeseburger and fries. He explained, “So this isn’t something where you say ‘well he went to McDonald’s and he only had the salads.’ No, I had the Big Macs, the quarter pounders with cheese. I had sundaes, I had ice cream cones.”

But even the science teacher was surprised with the results of his McDonald’s diet. Along with his 37-pound weight loss, Cisna’s “bad cholesterol” dropped from 173 to 113.

[H/t: Reddit, Image: Sardaka]

Melissa Stusinski
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