Snow Shark Will Beat Your Snowman Any Day [Video]

Snow Shark Wins Winter

A massive snow shark built in Minnesota is proof that teens sometimes have too much time on their hands — and they use it to build something we can never compete against.

Austin, Connor, and Trevor Barts from New Brighton, Minnesota, spent 95 hours crafting the 10-foot-tall behemoth, spending 10 hours alone crafting the fins and tail.

According to The Huffington Post, the unique snow sculpture isn’t their first, so don’t feel too bad when your next snowman is a little lacking in the size and creativity department. Rather, the three brothers began molding massive and elaborate snow sculptures during winter several years ago. Their previous works of art include a giant puffer fish and a walrus.

While the activity is certainly fun and something to occupy their time, the brothers also enjoy using it to spend time together. Also, as Connor Bartz explained, “We like to see people’s enjoyment, and we like to see people smile, take pictures.”

The brothers posted a video of showing how they created the snow shark on their YouTube channel, Bartz Outdoors. The video, and a photo of the three brothers posing with their sculpture, quickly went viral.

Melissa Stusinski
Melissa grew up in the Seattle area, but moved to Indiana to attend Anderson University in 2005 and was editor at the school's Literary Arts Magazine for two years. When she isn't focused on writing, Melissa enjoys working on cars, gaming, and exploring new places. [Contact:]


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