Brimfield Police Department Has No Love For Legal Marijuana

Chief Oliver Against Weed

Brimfield Police Department’s Chief David Oliver is at it again, but this time he isn’t making fun of Kanye West or shaming crooks on Facebook. This time, the chief took aim at legal marijuana, acknowledging at the start of his rant that it would likely be “the most unpopular post of our Facebook career.”

Chief Oliver added that he “fully expect[ed] the weed folks to fall out of the sky, like an army of Dorito eating guerillas,” an assumption that, well, ended up being true. The chief’s main point was that “marijuana is a drug.” He added :

“I am weary with the comparison to alcohol, cigarettes and any other thing that is used for a crutch in the effort to lower the public’s guard and legalize weed. There is an unheard of amount of money being poured into an effort to portray weed as this harmless drug from mother earth….just so people can get high?? Really? Leaving out the fact that getting high is just plain ignorant…where are the morals of this country going? I am not speaking of religion; I am pointing to a simple fact of right and wrong.”

The police chief went on to explain his point and his stance against the legalization of marijuana.


While we aren’t sure the “weed folks” “fell out of the sky” to defend legalization, proponents of legalizing marijuana did take to their keyboards to defend their position. As of publication, Brimfield Police Department’s post has over 4,370 likes, 760 shares, and 1,600 comments.

Melissa Stusinski
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