Colts Punter Tweets Naked Photo Of Andrew Luck

Colts Punter Tweets Andrew Luck

Colts punter Pat McAfee accidentally tweeted out a naked photo of quarterback Andrew Luck after the team’s impressive comeback victory on Saturday. While McAfee quickly deleted the photo, he wasn’t able to get rid of the evidence completely.

Thankfully, everything NSFW appeared to be covered, saving McAfee (and Luck) from additional embarrassment. The punter also apologized for the tweet immediately after, though he remarked that Luck “looked damn good though.”

But it seems McAfee’s initial apology wasn’t enough, as the photobomb was still weighing on his mind an hour later.

While Luck may not be too thrilled with his half-naked photo showing up on the internet, we’re pretty sure he’s more focused on how his team came back from a 28-point deficit to win the wildcard game by one point. Also, it seems a half-naked, or completely naked, photo of a Colts player showing up on the internet was only a matter of time, as Luck isn’t the only one hanging around there in the buff.

[Image: Twitter]

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