Remember Boxxy? Check Her Out At Her New Job [Video]

Catie Wayne aka Boxxy

Hey guys, remember Boxxy? The rambunctious, super-hyper, kinda-hot, always-entertaining YouTube celebrity that fell off the face of the earth circa 2010?

She switched to decaf, ditched the weird Egyptian eyeliner, and got a new job.

As of January 2014, a fresh-faced Boxxy (sorry, Catie Wayne) is a host for the Animalist Youtube series, which covers the “awesome, bizarre, adorable, and everything else that goes on in the animal kingdom” with new episodes Monday through Saturday.

As Boxxy, Catie Wayne was one of YouTube’s fastest-rising viral stars, and one of the Internet’s most controversial and polarizing celebrities. “Boxxy factions” nearly led to the collapse of 4chan (which, had it actually happened, would have made for an impressive legacy all its own) and after presumably getting tired of all the bullshit, Catie Wayne confessed that Boxxy was just a character and she sort of went on a hiatus.

Anyway, if you miss you some Boxxy, go support her new gig by subscribing to Animalist on YouTube. Catie Wayne is @catiewayne on Twitter, and you can check out her official website here.

[h/t – reddit]

Dusten Carlson
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