Vine Launches Web Stream, Profiles For Everyone


Vine announced it would be launching vanity URLs starting December 20, and today the social network introduced a web stream, including web profiles.

Found at, after signing in with your Vine or Twitter account, you’ll see a stream of videos from all your followers.

Clicking on a person’s name or photo will take you to their web profile, and to access your own profile, simply scroll over the icon on the top right, and select “View Profile.”


From the “Settings” page, you can update your photo, bio, email, password, set your videos to private and create your custom web URL.

Similar to Vine on mobile, you can like or revine posts, and there’s also Twitter and Facebook share icons.

To the right of the share icons is a dotted icon, allowing you to report a post, view it on its specific page, email it or grab the embed code, and you can comment in the box that says “Say something nice.”


Clicking the play button on the top right of the stream enables “TV Mode,” which is essentially a looping slideshow of the most recent videos from your followers in order.


Currently, Vine does not support uploading from the web, and there’s no ability to search or view categories.

Mike Stenger

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