The Most Buzzed About Products At CES 2014 On Social Media

CES 2014

YouTube will be showing off 4K streaming capability at CES 2014, and new data from Digimind reveals the most buzzed about products leading up to the world’s largest electronics tradeshow.

Watches, likely referring to smartwatches, are receiving the most buzz with 46 percent of social media mentions.

Here are the other four products receiving a lot of buzz related to CES:

  • YouTube – 19 percent of mentions.
  • Android – Around 14 percent of mentions.
  • Smartphones – 9 percent of mentions with Samsung the top manufacturer.
  • Audi – 8 percent of mentions thanks to its Quattro Laserlight concept.

Among watches, Echo, Pebble, ZTE and Sony are the most talked about brands, and tracking golf and skiing are popular topics for smartwatches.

Due to manufacturing issues, only 11 percent of social media mentions of Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch are positive.

However, in general, 82 percent of all mentions of smartwatches are positive.

Google Glass is another hot topic related to CES with positive sentiment at 87 percent.

CES 2014 starts January 7 in Las Vegas, and is a great way to see what new technology will (hopefully) soon hit the market.

Photo credit: Janitors via photopin cc

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