Journalist Uses Social Media To Help Pay Rent

Journalist Uses Social Media Help

An out of work journalist used social media this week to help pay his back rent and get back on his feet. The man, Craig D. Lindsey, posted a blog on Monday, explaining why exactly “this year sucked.”

But, it seemed that Lindsey decided the next day to do something about 2014. So, he posted an Indiegogo campaign to ask for $900 he needed to make his back rent. As he explained in the short summary, he used to be a staff writer for the News Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina, but got laid off in 2011 and has been looking for a job since then.

Under the “what we need what you get” section, the journalist explained, “To be honest, I just looking for enough money to pay my rent so I can be current on that end. I’m looking for at least $900, so I can turn it over to my landlord’s ‘enforcer’ by the end of the week.” Lindsey also tweeted out the campaign.

As he explained in an updated blog post on Wednesday, in only took two hours for Craig D. Lindsey’s campaign to hit its goal. Within 24 hours, he raised over $3,500. The campaign ends on Friday and has $6,000 as of publishing time. In light of his goal being reached, Lindsey asked people to stop sending money, saying, “If you want to donate, that’s fine, but really — I’m straight. Not only do I have enough to pay off the two months’ rent, but I can pay off the next two months.”

He added that he actually wishes he could shut the campaign down, but Indiegogo requires it to go through the original ending date. With that in mind, Lindsey thanked all the people who donated and spread the word about his need, adding that he learned several lessons through the campaign, including, “if you can get past your ego and your pride and just ask, people are more than willing to come to your aid.”

Now that he has enough to keep himself from becoming homeless, the journalist plans to pay it forward.

[Image: Indiegogo, H/T: The Huffington Post]

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