Jay Cutler Gets Mocked On Twitter After Signing New Contract With Bears

jay cutler

OK Chicago Bears fans, are you ready to win a Super Bowl? Well, that’s definitely not happening this year and judging by the internet’s reaction to Jay Cutler’s new contract, it probably isn’t happening in the next 7 years.

Cutler has had a bit of a bumpy ride during his time with the Chicago Bears. His sideline demeanor hasn’t won over any fans and he’s always battling some sort of injury. He plays OK when he’s healthy but most Chicago fans were relieved to see backup Josh McCown take the field this season.

In fact, prior to the announcement today many Chicago fans believed that the Bears could send Cutler on his way. Instead they signed him to a 7-year deal worth an estimated $126 million.

Cutler said during the press conference today that he decided to stay in Chicago because he wants to win a Super Bowl. That seems a little counter intuitive considering the fact that the Bears were a bit of a mess this year.

But OK, I’m from Chicago, I have hope that the Bears could be a contender in 2014. I bet the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions are absolutely shaking in their boots right now.

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