Social Media Braces For Winter Storm Hercules [Twitter Reacts]

winter storm hercules

Winter Storm Hercules is headed right for your house if you live in much of the Northeast, and as this week of holidays winds down, people are bracing for what looks to be a big snow event. (Hopefully it’s more hype than hail!)

Over on Twitter, Winter Storm Hercules has begun to trend, and predictions are pretty intense:

All the usual social weather suspects have been doing their part to keep Twitter and Facebook users abreast of the situation as zero hour approaches — so if you’ve been waiting, forget bread and milk and stock up on soda and vodka!

I don’t know about you guys, but does it feel like Winter Storm Hercules is an attempt to get everyone to be a bit more wary than they were of last year’s Nemo?

It almost feels like some users are taking Winter Storm Hercules a bit personally:

The truly social storm should also be a … social storm, as at least a third of us here in the US will be affected to some degree, it looks like:

But not everyone is worried about school closures (often shared on social media) and travel snarls:

How is your Twitter reacting to Winter Storm Hercules?

Kim LaCapria

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