Meet @safiyyahn, 2014’s First Successful Twitter Troll After Her NYE Tweet Went Viral

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Twitter is apparently just dying to get this show called “2014’s most embarrassing tweets” on the road. In celebration of the new year, the social network’s resident assbagsfinest community pundits descended upon a relative unknown to point out, by virtue of mob force, how misguided the poor girl was for wishing the earth a happy 2014th birthday.

Earth is 2014 years old

Brain toot or harmless joke, we’re not sure. What we do know is that Twitter spotted injustice and got stupid pissed about it. Within a mere couple of hours, @safiyyahn had become 2014’s Justine Sacco.

Luckily, $afiyyah had a pretty decent sense of humor about it and re-tweeted the “greatest hits” among the deluge of criticism she received.

Pro-tip: Never take anything said by someone with the self-applied sobriquet “White Chocolate” seriously. Never ever.

Sound argumentation.

Theologically questionable.

The real lesson here is “make sure you’re smarter than the person you’re trying to troll,” because if you ask me, $afiyyah walked away from this one pretty spotless. With 12,000 retweets and 7,500 favorites, I think it’s safe to say that $afiyyah is our first official Twitter troll of 2014.

Well done, m’lady.

twitter mob

[h/t – Mediaite]

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