Marco Polo Puts A Fun Twist On Location Sharing

Marco Polo

There are no shortage of location sharing apps out there, and Marco Polo looks to offer a unique, yet fun experience to keep in touch with friends.

Currently available on iOS, to share your location, you simply tap the “Marco” button, and then choose which friends to share your location with.

You can also include text or a photo along with your location, and selected friends will be notified you shared your location with them.

Friends can then decide to share their location with you, and then you don’t have to text monotonous details back and forth.

From TechCrunch:

Co-founder Aneel Ranadive said via email that the app “is more low key and less formal than texting, and less invasive than, say, turning on Apple’s Find My Friends or broadcasting to your entire network on Foursquare or Facebook.” Unlike Find My Friends, you’re not sharing your location on a persistent basis, and unlike Foursquare, you choose who you share with each time.

According to the Marco Polo website, an Android version is coming soon.

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