Irish ‘Felfies’ Are Farmer Selfies, And We Love Them

A felfie from Tipperary
A felfie from Tipperary

In the years before social media and Social News Daily, this New Yorker spent a bit of time in rural Ireland, so the “felfie” trend is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in recent social media memory.

Mostly living in Dublin, I spent a lot of time visiting some bits of rural Ireland — from whence the felfie has originated. One notable surprise in those just-ahead-of social years was how much more ingrained mobile technology was in Ireland — in fact, I didn’t own a mobile phone until I moved there, yet in the country, farmers indeed were routinely kitted out with a better one than I inevitably had.

To a metro New Yorker, Ireland is nearly comically quaint in parts, and I recall my first return to the states being jeopardized by a particularly wide tractor on the way to the airport.

In fact, one of the most eligible bachelors I knew was a very successful chicken farmer in rural Co. Limerick — socially prominent and local head of Macra na Feirme … which seemed to govern much of my spouse’s social engagements. As such, the felfie thing makes perfect sense to this yank.

A Facebook page — Official Irish Farmers Journal — culling the best of felfies has a few entries, and we’ve put a few in the gallery below.

A felfie from Tipperary

As the Irish felfie trend demonstrates, there ain’t no party like a Macra party because a Macra party don’t stop until all the cabs have gone and someone has “borrowed” an itinerant’s horse which happens to be trained with anti-theft protection.

Kim LaCapria

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