The Exact Moment That Anderson Silva Broke His Leg During UFC 168 [Video]

UFC 168 Anderson Silva

If you didn’t see UFC 168 at your local Buffalo Wild Wings last night, this is the thing you missed that everyone is talking about.

Sweet Baby Jesus, that must smart.

The slow-motion recap video of Anderson Silva’s leg going all Stretch Armstrong as it snaps like a toothpick against Chris Weidman in a botched leg sweep is all the rage on social media right now. The YouTube video has almost three million hits and most of the #UFC168 Twitter talk can be summarized with the following GIFs:

ouch gif

fresh prince

jenna marbles

Weidman retained the belt by TKO, and word is, Silva underwent “successful” surgery to repair his ridiculously fucked up leg.

Even UFC boss Dana White was basically like ” … Jesus.”

Much of Twitter is also grappling with the shocking ending of UFC 168.

Watch the gruesomeness of Anderson Silva’s leg-snappage above, but be warned. Yes, you with the weak stomach. This is not for you.

Dusten Carlson
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