Reddit Discovers How To Properly Clean A Stove, All Hell Breaks Loose [Photos]

stove cleaning

Reddit users made an amazing discovery this weekend on r/pics. Basically, you’ve been cleaning your stove all wrong.

stove cleaning

“I feel so stupid for not knowing this,” bemoaned amandal0514. “I’ve been cleaning them the hard way my entire life.”

Instead of LOL-ing and moving on, the reddit community started a massive discussion about proper stove cleaning. Many users provided photos of their own stove, lamenting that the opening-range option does not apply to them.

stove cleaning

Others offered helpful warnings when endeavoring to clean one’s stove.

reddit stove cleaning

Running parallel to the serious stove top cleaning discussion was, of course, an entirely satirical stove top cleaning discussion.

stove top cleaning reddit

So yeah, basically a big chunk of reddit was obsessed with stove cleaning today. You can follow the threads here and here.

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