Perez Hilton Picks Fight With Beliebers On Christmas Morning

perez hilton

Perez Hilton picked a fight with the wrong group of social media enthusiasts. Beliebers and Directioneers teamed up on Twitter today to take down the famous internet gossiper.

“Suspend Perez Hilton” and “Perez Retire From Being A Pedophile” have both been trending on Twitter. Hilton has also been loosing followers all morning.

perez hiltonAnd two minutes later….

perez hiltonYes, Perez Hilton is losing a Twitter follower every two seconds at the moment. Well, at least for those two minutes. The gossip writer has actually been gaining a few fans throughout this fiasco so his follower account may stabilize when all is said and done.

Oh, right, I suppose I should tell you what Perez Hilton did…

Yeah, that didn’t sit well with Bieber’s following. The tweet was considered so vile that even Directioneers, the sworn enemy army of Justin Bieber, joined the fight against “pedophile” Perez Hilton.

Perez Hilton has responded to the comments but before we get to that I’d like to remind everyone of something. It’s Christmas. Perez Hilton has a new baby. In fact, it’s his little kid’s first Christmas. But instead of spending time with his baby he’s online fighting with a bunch of teenagers.

Perez Hilton also put up a “Holiday Nip Slip” gallery, including a shot of Kendall Jenner, to make sure that everyone knew that he has no problem with the “pedophile” label.

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