Davone Bess Gets Stoned, Forgets That Instagram Is Public

davone bess

Cleveland Browns receiver Davone Bess missed two practices this week due to personal reasons and is questionable for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. The Browns didn’t specify what those “personal reasons” were but we have a feeling that Bess was just too stoned to play football.

A photo was posted to Bess’ Instagram account showing the NFL player sitting outside next to a Bob Marley poster and it appears that the football player is about to spark a joint.

The photo has been deleted from his Instagram account but the modern age adage, “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet,” proved true once again.

davone bess

The Cleveland Browns haven’t commented on the photo yet and it’s unclear if he’ll face any discipline from the team or the NFL.

Cleveland Browns fans don’t seem too upset with Bess for smoking marijuana on his day off but they are a little shocked that the NFL player would actually post the photo to Instagram. Seriously? Why would you do that Davone Bess? What could have possibly made you think that that was a good idea? Were you stoned or something?

Oh, right….

Well, Davone Bess did make at least one good decision this week: He deleted his Instagram account.

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