Rob Delaney On Duck Dynasty Star’s Anal ‘Logic’

Comedian Rob Delaney, Twitter hero, has weighed in on the social media scandal that is the Duck Dynasty “does a vagina feel less good than a man’s ass?” controversy.

In case you missed it, world famous redneck Phil Robertson was suspended from his apparently hugely popular duck call show because he made a whole slew of ignoramus-y comments about gay people and how black people really didn’t complain all that much before we stopped Jim Crow. (Spoiler alert: it’s because there were like, lynchings and shit back then and they were kind of scared to mention the whole de facto second-class citizen business.)

In case you missed it, part two, Rob Delaney has taken Phil’s logic and de-logicked it — noting that most males, if they were subjected to anal sex with a man while sleeping — would actually find it to objectively feel amazing. You know, putting aside the whole persecuting Christians, civil rights are overrated business.

In the clip above, Rob Delaney gives his own take on Phil Robertson’s anal sex “logic,” and he’s also been tweeting to alternate mock the situation slash promote his new book.

Kim LaCapria

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