‘Boycott A&E’ Facebook Page Nears 500K ‘Likes,’ Duck Dynasty Fans Slam Network On Twitter

Duck Dynasty

A Facebook page titled “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty” created late Wednesday night is already fast-approaching 500,000 “likes” as of Thursday morning.

Last night, the network announced that it would be placing Phil Robertson on suspension over remarks he made about homosexuality in a recent GQ profile.

It’s always hard to tell how these stories are going to go. Sometimes, when public figures or celebrities make controversial remarks, it can ruin their careers. Other times, a groundswell of support manages to set things back to “0” and in Phil Robertson’s case, the latter seems to have a pretty good chance of happening as Duck Dynasty’s 14 million viewers mobilize to defend his right to express himself.

Many have also taken to Twitter to support Robertson:

We’ve already dedicated some ink to the Robertson family patriatrch’s indefinite dismissal from the popular A&E show. To found out why no one’s freedom of speech was violated in the Duck Dynasty dismissal, you can check that out here.

What do you think will happen with Phil Robertson? Will A&E reluctantly bring him back? Will fan boycotts of the network prove successful? Will the rest of the Robertson family leave Duck Dynasty? Sound off!

Dusten Carlson
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