Kim Kardashian Didn’t Wax Daughter’s Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian Daughter Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian didn’t wax her daughter’s eyebrows, despite speculation from fans and critics that she did. The rumors began yesterday when the reality star posted a new photo of her daughter on Instagram with the caption “SMILE.”

Fans immediately cooed over the adorable photo of little North West, but then the debate began. Why were North’s eyebrows so well manicured? Were they artificially done, or does the six-month-old just have super good genes?

While most users seemed to think North’s eyebrows were somehow altered, others defended the reality star, with one user writing, “No wonder @KimKardashian is so protective about #North. Every time a picture is released, the world attacks for no reason.”

Kim didn’t immediately comment on the allegations, but eventually she did take to social media to assure fans and critics that she didn’t wax her daughter’s eyebrows.

While Kim’s response to the haters may seem funny, there is certainly a bit of animosity and frustration behind it.

Melissa Stusinski
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