Doctors And Social Media: An Examination In Right And Wrong [Infographic]

Doctors and Patients and Social Media

We don’t always think about the specific consequences of using Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms when it comes to our jobs, doctors on the other hand are faced with additional questions of privacy and right versus wrong on a daily basis.

The team at Mesothelioma Page realized the tough choices faced by doctors when it comes to social media and they created the infographic shown below. As you’ll notice some doctors have huge social media presences but they tend to be radio and television doctors such as Dr. Oz who commands 1,105,246 Twitter followers.

As you’ll also notice, while 33% of doctors claim to be adds as friends by patients 75% of those doctors turn down those friend requests.

Not all of social media for doctors is bad, the best of their advice is often retweeted by hundreds, even thousands of followers, allowing them to spread the word about treatments and share warnings with patients.

In many cases doctors who collaborate with fellow physicians in other parts of the world via social media are able to crowdsource ideas in order to diagnose patients and even discover new treatments for a myriad of diseases.

Here’s the doctors social media infographic:

Doctors and Patients and Social Media

James Kosur

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