Bindi Irwin Has A Boyfriend? Instagram Photo Sparks Rumor

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Is this Bindi Irwin’s first boyfriend? The 15-year-old daughter of the Crocodile Hunter recently shared a photo to Instagram and many people are speculating that the guy in the photo is her new, and first, boyfriend.

Bindi writes on Instagram: “Three of my best friends…one just happens to be a tiger.”

The kid in the photo is Bailey “Bazz” Lancaster and it’s no secret that he’s good friends with Bindi. But are they dating? Steve Irwin’s daughter hasn’t commented on her love life (she laughed off the question during an interview earlier this year saying that she wasn’t ready to date) but Lancaster has had a few things to say.

Bazz recently deleted his Instagram account but NINEMSN reports that the young man has made a few references on the site about his relationship with Bindi. On one photo, Bazz tries to fight off all of Bindi’s admirers writing: “Mine. Back off boys. Getting pretty jelly [jealous].”

On another photo he writes: “Back off boys she’s #mine… You betcha buddy. Dating it up date style.”

Bazz’ comments were deleted shortly after the media picked up the story. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Maybe Baz was lying about his relationship. Maybe he really is dating Bindi but needs to learn a few things about privacy, bragging, and teenage love. Or, maybe he WAS dating Bindi Irwin but the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter decided to ditch Bazz after his PR mishap.

Regardless, this little story proves that Bindi Irwin will be stuck in the spotlight for many years to come.

[Image Via Bindi Irwin Instagram]

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