Twitter Developing Ability To Edit Tweets, Says Report


Twitter is working on the ability to edit published tweets, according to a new report from Matthew Keys of The Desk.

Google+ was the first social network to launch the ability to edit posts, and Facebook introduced the ability back in September.

According to Keys, Twitter has devoted a lot of time developing the feature, and here’s how it could work:

  • After publishing a tweet, an “Edit” link will appear only for a limited time.
  • Users can edit a tweet once, and users who retweeted a tweet using Twitter’s built-in function would also see the update.
  • Twitter is considering limiting the number of characters one can insert or delete.
  • Expected to be finished in “weeks, or months at the most,” a special algorithm will be able to determine if a user is trying to completely change the context of a tweet.

From The Desk:

Once Twitter feels it has a solid “edit” feature, it will begin making it available to a select few — likely verified news organizations, celebrities and public officials — for testing. In the past, Twitter has reached out to select “partners” to help test secret features that have yet to be made public, such as expedited Twitter support and fast account switching from a single login.

Twitter may also make it clear that a tweet has been edited, similar to Facebook displaying an “Edited” link with the ability to view revisions.

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