How To Create Beautifully Effective Facebook Page Tabs

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Facebook Pages often act as another website for millions of businesses, and are a great tool to build an engaged audience for generating new sales or leads.

However, did you know you can integrate beautifully designed apps within a Facebook Page?

Launched out of beta in November, PageYourself’s f-Site tool helps to create beautiful looking tabs for your page. It includes access to nearly 20 different apps, and its editor enables you to simply drag and drop.

Free to use, the company does charge a monthly fee if you want to collect leads, ranging from $15 per month for up to 250 leads, and $200 per month for up to 50,000 leads.

Here’s how to get started:

Go to, and click “Log in with Facebook” on the top right.

Select “Okay” multiple times from the pop-up window, and you should be redirected to a welcome page.

Facebook Page

Below the welcome text, you should see a list of all your Facebook Pages, and to get started, simply click “Create my f-Site here” next to the appropriate page.

Facebook Page

Before creating your “f-Site,” you need to decide what your main goal is.

Facebook Page

Click “Continue,” and PageYourself will recommend apps to include. You can customize apps later, and hit “Continue” again to move forward.

You should now be in the Dashboard where you can get started creating your site by clicking “My f-Site” from the left-hand side.

Facebook Page

There are three different categories: My Apps, Order And Name and Themes. Each app functions as its own tab, and you can publish or unpublish apps by selecting the “On” or “Off” button.

Facebook Page

A trash icon lets you delete an app, a graph icon lets you view stats such as visitors and the wheel icon lets you edit the app.

Clicking the wheel icon opens up the drag and drop editor, and each element is customizable as you scroll over top of it.

Facebook Page

You can move the element, customize details such as text or images and also delete.

To the right, you can see all of the “active elements” meaning what’s currently being displayed, and below that are other elements you can add to the page.

Facebook Page

Above “active elements” is a tab that says “Virality,” and is where you can customize the name of the tab, upload a thumbnail and add the ability to share.

Facebook Page

The process is very straightforward thanks to the simple drag and drop editor, and to change your theme, click the pencil icon at the top of the page.

Facebook Page

There are four different theme elements you can customize, and to ensure a consistent experience, any changes will be applied to all of your apps.

Facebook Page

Once you’re satisfied with any changes you’ve made, hit “Save” under the “Actions” drop-down menu on the top right.

Facebook Page

To jump over to other apps, select from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, and to go back to the dashboard, click on the lightning bolt logo.

Back on the “My f-Site” page, you can add new apps by selecting the box that says “Add New App,” and here’s a small list of apps to choose from:

  • Music
  • Blog
  • Deals
  • App Download
  • Twitter
  • Store Locator
  • Newsletter
  • Code (For those wanting to create their very own page from scratch)

Here’s just a quick example I whipped up incorporating my Twitter stream:

Facebook Page

The possibilities with the f-Site tool from PageYourself are endless, and once you switch an app to “On,” it’s immediately published on your Facebook Page for all to see.

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