LinkedIn South Africa Has Some Fast Growing Industry Leaders [Infographic]

LinkedIn South Africa - Brand Growth

LinkedIn is not having Facebook type stock issues, in fact the company is reporting more than 600 times earnings and its shares are hovering right around $100, even on the worst of stock market days. Throw in record quarterly and yearly profits and rapid international expansion and its easy to see the business appeal of the social network.

What might surprise some observers is the rate at which certain industry’s are expanding internationally, specifically in South America.

The team at Digitlab showcases the top LinkedIn industry’s including hi-tech, finance, corporate, government and the biggest surprise growth market, agriculture.

is definitely on a roll. The company, which is public, has a strong stock with over 600 times earnings and a great support around $100, even on tough days in the market. They’ve also been recording record quarters and have started to aggressively expand internationally. A recent infographic from digitlab looks at one of those expansions, and reveals how LinkedIn breaks down in South Africa. The stats are pretty illuminating.

Rather than explaining the growth of LinkedIn industry in South America here’s the infographic:

LinkedIn South Africa - Brand Growth

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