Jamie Lynn Spears Snaps Holiday’s Most Awkward Family Photo, Quickly Recovers Thanks To Daughter

Jamie Lynn Spears Family Photo

Jamie Lynn Spears took to Instagram on Saturday to post a family Christmas photo, and what a photo it turned out to be.

In the candid shot Spears, shirtless fiancée Jamie Watson, and their five-year-old daughter all pose alongside the family’s chocolate lab.

We love the photo because not only is it candid, but Spears herself admits that they were just “attempting a family photo” and not necessarily succeeding like they had planned. The picture immediately resonated with fans who called it “cute” and “beautiful.” The Instagram photo was “Liked” more than 18,000 times in less than 24 hours.

A short while after the Instagram photo was posted Jamie Lynn Spears posted a picture of her daughter in Santa Claus jammies with the caption: “Christmas pjs for this year!! Fun night last night with friends and family!!”

We have to admit, Spears took her family from awkward to adorable in just a few snaps of the camera lens.

James Kosur

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