Jordan McRae Dunks In Superman Fashion, Goes Viral On YouTube

Jordan McRae

Jordan McRae, a senior guard for Tennessee, is now in the running for dunk of the year. While his team fell short of a big win at Wichita State on Saturday, it was McRae’s superman-like slam dunk in the middle of the second half that stole the show.

McRae spotted an open lane and flew to the rim before his opponents defense had a chance to respond.

The dunk was awesome, the following results were not. McRae was given a technical foul after the play when he yelled an unheard choice of words at Wichita fans.

The video which was uploaded by ESPN has received 324,611 views in less than 24 hours. 348 fans have given the video a thumbs up and 51 have down voted the dunk.

What says you SND readers? Did Jordan McRae just throw down the dunk of the year?

James Kosur

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