Kelly Ripa’s ‘Abs’ Tweet Destroys Maria Kang’s Claims [Twitter Reacts]

kelly ripa abs

Talk show host Kelly Ripa isn’t just a morning TV star — she’s also apparently an accomplished fitness buff, yet doesn’t inspire the alleged seething jealousy fellow “fit mom” Maria Kang claims is rife. Huh.

Earlier this week, Ripa tweeted a pic that got a lot of attention, demonstrating her workout achievements through the medium of Twitter uploads.

In the tweet, Ripa said:

In her next tweet, she parodied herself, with this update:

While mom fitness has been a mildly contentious issue lately (with “fit mom” Maria Kang polluting the social web with her snarky brand of “encouragement”) it should be noted that reaction to Ripa’s post was largely positive — even the few comments that were envious were kind, not cruel or critical.

It’s kind of cool to see that Kang’s tone may have been more responsible for the response she received than anything else, because we genuinely saw nothing mean to Kelly Ripa about her cool workout pic.

One user quipped:

Another replied:

And People said:

So with Kelly Ripa’s tweet and Twitter reaction, I think we can safely say “fitness” is not why everyone thought Maria Kang was a jerk. Thoughts?

Kim LaCapria

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