Seahawks Fans Can’t Stand Colin Kaepernick’s Beats Commercial [Video]

Seahawks Hate Beats Commercial

Seahawks fans are pretty upset about Colin Kaepernick’s Beats commercial, which appears to portray the 12th man in a pretty negative light.

The commercial portrays Kaepernick arriving on a bus to a stadium that isn’t CenturyLink Field, but was probably supposed to be it. As the bus pulls up, the 49ers quarterback sees fans jeering at him, and even a young girl flipping him off. But the quarterback has a secret weapon. He smirks and pulls out his Beats by Dre headphones, effectively cancelling out the hatred.

While there aren’t any Seahawks symbols in the commercial, and the stadium isn’t CenturyLink, the haters are wearing blue and green. Plus, it’s raining, which is apparently the key indicator that Kaepernick is in Seattle. So, the 12th man voiced its frustration on Twitter about the commercial, threatening to boycott Beats over it.

Not everyone was upset about the commercial, and even some Seahawks fans were able to laugh off the apparent jest.

Whether they are right to do so or not, it seems that Beats by Dre lost some customers, thanks to its Colin Kaepernick commercial.

[H/T Yahoo! Sports]

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