#AskRKelly Q&A Implodes Spectacularly, Predictably [Twitter Reacts]


Social News Daily would like to ask you, in light of the #AskRKelly Twitter Q&A fiasco, to step outside this news story and ask yourself … what do you think Twitter wants to say to R. Kelly?

There. This story is now obsolete. Because when the #AskRKelly Twitter Q&A started, it was golden shower and pedophilia jokes all the way down.

Seriously. This is the kind of thing understanding vaguely what Twitter might be would preclude you from doing, were you a celebrity handler.

“Oh, a service where everyday people can talk to R. Kelly and say whatever they want, and anyone else in the whole world who can get to Twitter can see it? Yeah, no, whatever that thing is, we will avoid it, thank you.”

Twitter delivered:

What was your favorite question asked of R. Kelly during the #AskRKelly Twitter debacle?

Kim LaCapria

Kim LaCapria is a social media enthusiast, long-time Inquisitr.com writer and beauty and lifestyle industry expert. She covers a wide range of social media topics, with a particular interest in style-related apps and services. When not working, Kim can be found on Facebook and Pinterest, skating, and sneaking off to Spa Castle.


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