Michelle Jenneke Is Still World’s Hottest Hurdler [Photos]

michelle jenneke

Remember Michelle Jenneke? The beautiful runner who became a viral sensation last year thanks to her pre-race warm-up routine. No? Don’t remember? Here’s a little reminder.

michelle jenneke

The viral spotlight has faded on Jenneke but that doesn’t mean that the Australian track star is any less beautiful. Or any less talented.

Jenneke has been working hard since her fifteen minutes of fame …

and has even earned a few medals this season.

Jenneke is a talented runner but, let’s be honest, that isn’t the reason that she’s trending on Yahoo this morning.

michelle jenneke

Michelle Jenneke is trending because of photos like this …

… and this ….

… and this.

It’s a little unfortunate that Jenneke’s beauty has outshone her athletic talents …

… but maybe that will change soon.

Jenneke has a few notable accomplishments to her name so far (she won the 100 meter silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, is the reigning NSW Open Champion and the current Australian Junior Champion) and she is already being called one of the hottest athletes at the 2016 Olympics. Of course, she still has to make the Australian team.

I’m sorry, what were we talking about? Oh right, the hottest photos of Michelle Jenneke.

michelle jenneke hot

michelle jenneke

michelle jenneke

[Images Via Michelle Jenneke’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts]

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