New Facebook Share And Like Buttons Available To Everyone, Resizable Embedded Posts


Facebook teased its redesigned like and share buttons last month, and today the social network announced they’re now available to everyone.

The new buttons feature a brighter blue color, and the thumbs up has been removed from the like button.

Yesterday, a report from Shareaholic found that sharing increased 5.6 percent since the new buttons were introduced, and Facebook is confirming the findings.

From the developers blog:

In early tests over the past month after launching the new Like and Share buttons, we’ve seen more than a 5% lift in Likes and Share across the web. This is significant, given that both buttons are viewed over 22 billion times daily. Based on these results, we’ve rolled out the new design to everyone and extended it to the Follow and Like Box plugins as well.

Embedded posts were launched in August, and Facebook has now introduced the ability to resize them.

Users can resize an embedded post anywhere from 350 pixels up to 750 pixels.

Here’s an example of one resized to fit the width of this page:


To check out the new Facebook Like and Share buttons, you can visit the social plugins page here.

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