YouTube Revenue To Hit $5.6 Billion In 2013, Says New Report


YouTube has had quite the past month after rolling out the heavily criticized Google+ commenting system, and according to a new report, the video site will gross $5.6 billion in revenue this year.

The report comes by way of eMarketer, and if the estimate holds up, that means a 51 percent increase in revenue from 2012.

However, because it is gross revenue, that means YouTube’s cut would be less than $5.6 billion after paying out partners, and video creators.

According to eMarketer, YouTube would keep 35 percent or around $1.96 billion, and after revenue sharing, would gross $850 million from video ads in the United States.

Combined with revenue from display ads, revenue in the U.S. would total $1.08 billion.

While that figure only makes up 6.3 percent of Google’s net ad revenue in the U.S., YouTube accounts for 20.5 percent of the U.S. online video ad market.

From Advertising Age:

Google doesn’t release YouTube’s revenue figures or break them out in public filings, so take eMarketer’s numbers for what they are, an estimate based on studies conducted by other research firms, investment banks, its own analysis and interviews with marketers. Having said that, YouTube is the biggest proxy for digital video, and the projections offer a peek at where that market stands.

To further increase revenue, hidden code in the YouTube Android app revealed a possible paid music service.

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