Facebook Sharing Up 170% From November 2012


Facebook has grown to 727 million daily active users in 2013, and according to a new report, sharing has increased 169.88 percent from November 2012.

Today, Shareaholic published new data it’s collected from over 200,000 publishers from November 2012 to November 2013. Combined, these publishers reach over 250 million unique monthly visitors.

Over the past 13 months, Shareaholic saw Facebook account for an average of 9.36 percent of overall visits.

From October 2013 to November 2013, sharing significantly increased 5.6 percent or 47.44 percent overall.


According to Shareaholic, the “gains are remarkable,” and thanks to redesigned “like” and share buttons which launched in early November.

The omnipresence of the new Like and Share buttons impacts behavior. Given the usable nature of the new buttons and their widespread availability — Facebook’s buttons are viewed 22+ billion times a day across 7.5+ million sites around the web — people have developed a habit of sharing content they enjoy. Although not all share buttons are created equal, share buttons in general are being utilized more often by readers, thus driving more traffic to sites.

The company also noted that Facebook’s numerous News Feed tweaks have helped to increase engagement across the social network.

Yesterday, new data from Gigya found that Facebook is still the undisputed king of social sharing despite Pinterest and Twitter continuing to gain further ground.

Image credit: Charis Tsevis

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