Sharkeisha Arrested, Charged, Viral ‘Fight’ Was ‘Over A Boy’

sharkeshia arrested

The internet famous girl known as Sharkeisha has been arrested, the family of the alleged victim claims, after a “fight” in which one girl is seen savagely beating another went majorly viral last month.

Sharkeisha dominated Twitter’s trending topics on November 27, after a video on the popular World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) site gripped the social web — depicting a violent fight between two girls, in which one clearly appeared to be the aggressor.

Now the family of the video’s alleged victim is stepping forward, saying Sharkeisha was arrested and charged after attacking the girl in the clip, 17-year-old ShaMichael Manuel.

Manuel’s mom Olevia Henderson says that the Sharkeisha video’s viral popularity has been a second trauma for ShaMichael, explaining that in the ensuing social media frenzy, her daughter’s alleged attacker was treated like a star:

“The video’s just going and going … They’re making jokes, and they’re taunting. They’re glorifying the girl Sharkeisha, but they’re taunting my daughter at the same time.”

ShaMichael says that Sharkeisha was a close friend of hers, and the two are classmates at Cypress Creek High School. According to Manuel, she was lured to the alleged attack by her friend, and says Sharkeisha didn’t let on that she was angry before the violent confrontation:

“I was just in shock. I was like, ‘Oh my God. Did she really do this?’ You’re supposed to be my close friend. We were talking in school earlier that day … She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her.

Although Sharkeisha was reportedly arrested, police have not identified her by name because she is a minor. Cops say that the person responsible for the attack was arrested on charges of assault with bodily injury.

Kim LaCapria

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