Metallica Plays (Nearly) Silent Concert In Antarctica


Metallica has officially completed their mission to play a concert on all 7 continents, including Antarctica, in 2013.

The location wasn’t the only thing that was interesting about the “Freeze ‘Em All” show. Metallica usually plays in front of thousands of people at sold out stadiums. That isn’t exactly possible in Antarctica so the band played their show in front of a pretty small crowd.

According to Yahoo, about 100 people, made up of contest winners and researchers, joined Metallica inside of a large transparent dome for the show.

The Metallica concert was also a lot quiter than most of the band’s shows. In order to protect the environment from the whaling noise of electric guitars, the band handed out headphones to fans so that everyone could jam out in peace and quiet.

Metallica writes on Facebook: . “This was the most unique show Metallica has ever done … The energy in the little dome was amazing! Words can not describe how happy everyone was.”

The band reportedly played songs like “Enter Sandman” and Master Of Puppets” but from an outsider looking in, you know, like a penguin standing in the doorway, the band played an strangely silent show. Seriously, check out the video below. Other than Lars’ drums all you can hear is the crowd singing along.

Dan Evon

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