Godzilla Viral Marketing Team Teases New Trailer [Video]

godzilla trailer

The new Godzilla trailer hasn’t hit the internet just yet (you’ll have to wait until 12 pm CST) but fans of Bryan Cranston, giant monsters, and classic remakes can see plenty of new footage already online.

The Viral marketing team at Warner Bros. and Legendary have been sending out hints about the new movie on Twitter and Instagram. Most of those hints involve the secret organization M.U.T.O. and real world news stories.

The Godzilla Twitter account has placed M.U.T.O. agents, trucks and helicopters at mysterious locations around the world.

Godzilla’s PR team also launched a website for the M.U.T.O. organization. The website is a little hard to navigate but that’s just part of the game. “Hackers” have apparently been stealing videos of a mysterious creature emerging from these holes around the world. You can go be a hacker too if you want but if you’re feeling a little lazy Godzilla’s twitter account has done the work for you.

Those photos, those clips… it’s all interesting but can we please just see the Godzilla trailer already? Oh right, it’s already noon.

Here’s the first trailer from the new Godzilla movie.

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