Gogobot Facebook App Reaches One Million Registered Users

Gogobot on Facebook

Facebook travel app Gogobot entered private beta testing 18 months ago and became available to the public in January, now the company has announced it has surpassed the 1 million registered users milestone.

According to Gogobot the application is now signing up a new user every 15 seconds and has added more than 5 million shared locations.

Using Gogobot suers can share photos from their vacations with friends and strangers (based on their settings) while providing recommendations to people who ask questions about specific destinations or general travel advice.

One of the coolest Gogobot features is the ability to create a “passport” where users can list where they have been while displaying recommendations for those locations and posting reviews for other users to browse.

The program also allows users to create trip itineraries and they can assist users in creating their own vacation schedule by showcasing that itinerary within their Gogobot account.

The mobile version of the app just released new versions for iPhone and iPod Touch apps which allow for extra features including commenting on postcards, an easier mobile platform search and the ability to sort reviews and attractions based on their current location.

Give Gogobot a try on Facebook and let us know what you think.

Dan Evon

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