Reddit Asks Prostitutes: ‘What Was Your First Time Like?’

reddit prostitute AMA

One of Reddit’s cooler aspects is the ability for users en masse to find people of all walks of life and ask questions to which we’ve always wanted answers — such as a recent, popular thread in r/askreddit calling for prostitutes to share what their first experience with sex work may have been like.

In the thread, titled “Prostitutes of Reddit, what was your first time like?“, a few game Redditors using throwaways provide some interesting insight into the day to day and first day experiences of sex workers.

The adorably named u/ProstieThrowaway explains her first time with a client, in an un-salacious tale of being a newbie sex worker. (Presumably) she says:

“I started in an agency and my first time, (actually probably the first ten times), I had a mixture of adrenaline, fear of the unknown, hopefulness, excitement… and it was better than I expected. Once I realized that clients were normal, nice people, and that I was still a normal, nice person, it became a lot easier. I’m an independent escort now, which suits my personality and my needs better than working with an agency did.”

In a follow-up comment, she notes that fellow redditors seemed to want the “girlfriend experience,” ponying up with more details about her actual first encounter with a client:

“I realize now that you wanted more of a play-by-play. I got to the incall hotel that had been set up by my agent, felt SO nervous and when he knocked on the door, I pasted on a smile and opened it. He was a decent looking man in his 50’s, Italian probably, and had a gold chain, (I charged in the upper mid-range at this time, so almost all of my clients were very well off). We had decent chemistry and even though and after awhile we undressed, kissed and talked. He was rather…large and a bit wobbly. We had very normal sex, he tipped extremely well and I felt very relieved when he left. It was more fear of the unknown than anything else, and once I figured out that it wasn’t the scary, criminal, taboo that I had been warned against, it felt very normal.”

She adds:

“I actually really, really love my job. I get to choose who I see, what I charge, what my rules are, where and when I work. It’s very sexually liberating and I feel like it’s matured me emotionally and psychologically. I can pay my bills, save, and just generally live my life the way I want to. It makes me pretty sad that sex work has the bad reputation that it does, because it has been a major force of good in my life.”

Another, u/prostythrowaway, says:

“It was great. My first client is still a client of mine and my favourite. We had a three hour appointment, dinner at some rubbish pub, talking for an hour and a nice sex session. He’s a mid-40’s private pilot, who’s never been married. Quite a handsome man and the conversation was and is always great. I thought(think?) he is one of the coolest blokes I’ve ever met. I started at age 18 and am now 23, especially at 18 his stories enthralled me. So many stories about different people, places, and things he’d seen and done.”

A third adds:

“It was nerve wracking. I had three gin and tonics then went and rocked it. Pretended I’d done it a million times before. It was easy and fun. The scariest thing was entering a swanky as hotel room and having not been in one before, I didn’t know how to operate the lights.”

The Reddit prostitute r/askreddit thread diverges from popular AMAs (ask me anything), due to the fact several Redditors are invited to respond and share their perspectives.

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