Hugh Jackman Shares ‘Wolverine’ Latte Art On Twitter

hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman knows a pretty good barista. The actor posted a photo to Twitter this morning of an impressive Wolverine drawing down with nothing but espresso, foam, and milk.

That’s some impressive latte art.

So who is this magical barista? Jackman didn’t identify the coffee house that create the Wolverine latte art but the actor definitely knows a few talented people in the coffee world. Jackman founded the company Laughing Man with CEO David Steingard as a way to encourage and enable entrepreneurs.

Laughing Man Coffee Tea, which was one of the company’s first endeavors, has put Jackman in touch with several talented coffee makers and some of those people can do magical things with foam. Some can create latte art of X-men characters while others can create less impressive but equally tasty smiley faces.

Hugh Jackman has a lot of die hard Wolverine fans over the years and he’s grown to appreciate their fandom. Earlier this week, Jackman posted one dedicated fans tattoo to his Instagram account.

Cool tattoo but that’s a little too obsessed for me. Let’s stick with the temporary and equally cool latte art.

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