Tila Tequila Posts Nazi Pic On Facebook, Slams Critics

tila tequila facebook nazi

Call it Tila Tequila’s law … the point where one descends into irrelevancy so vast one can only again grab the public’s attention by invoking the Holocaust.

The once internet famous Tila Tequila posted up this picture on Facebook, presented with further comment, drawing the predictable “WTF were you thinking” comments as her remaining fans attempt to indeed work out the mystery of what inspired such a callous image:


Amid several bizarre status updates about God and Satan, and “God’s forgiveness,” she posted the above — and comments are pretty much what you’d expect:

“Tila I hope you realise how bad this makes you look.”

To another user on the same thread, she says:

“It’s called karma Brett…. I have done nothing to these heathens yet they continue to crucify me like they did to Jesus. Do you think GOD DOES NOT HAVE A WRATH?”

Tila adds:

“‘WE SEEN’ so you admit that you jews tried to kill me in hollywood correct?”

Another user wrote:

“First, I was an offended juggalette by Tila. Now I’m an extremely offended and disappointed Jew. I guess we just need to remember how shallow Tila is…but regardless, Tila, you’re not even liked enough to risk posting terrible pictures such as this one!! It’s disrespectful, and because of the background and such, it takes AWAY any existing beauty you may posses and is just nothing but completely HIDEOUS!!!”

Tila replies:

“You are racist, You think you are SUPREME RACE.”

Later, she posted:


Throughout, Tila Tequila continually links to this blog.

Kim LaCapria

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