Val-You Quiz Calculator Will Tell You How Much Facebook Earns From Your Private Information

Go Private Facebook Value Calculator

With nearly $4 billion earned in 2011 it’s no surprise that Facebook is earning money off its users, however many social network users have been curious to learn how much money the network is making off their profiles and now they can find out. A new tool called Val-You quiz has been released by online privacy company Abine and as the name suggests it tells users how much they are worth to Facebook.

The company’s goal with the calculator is simple, allow users to become aware of how their information is being turned into revenue as Facebook prepares for its much anticipated initial public offering (IPO).

The product is part of Albine’s “Go Private” campaign which will also see another product launched called PrivacyWatch which alerts users when Facebook changes any of its privacy settings, while providign security advice from experts regarding how Facebook is sharing a users private information.

The average person on Facebook is worth $50, I found out Facebook will make $55 off me over the life of my profile.

The Val-You Quiz calculator is simple to use, just visit its page and answer seven simple questions that include your demographic, your yearly income, the amount of “Likes” you create on a weekly basis and a few other tidbits of info.

You can take the Val-You Quiz HERE.

James Kosur

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