Adrian Peterson: Baltimore Ravens Fans Are The Worst In The NFL

adrian peterson

Adrian Peterson wasn’t too happy with the fans at M&T Bank Stadium today. The Minnesota Vikings running back said that Baltimore Ravens fans were by the worst fan base in the NFL.

Peterson said that the Ravens fans were acting like little kids and throwing snowballs onto the field during the fourth quarter.

You can’t really blame Peterson for blowing off a little steam after today’s loss. He had to leave the game early with an ankle injury, he had to watch from the sidelines as the Minnesota Vikings lost another game on a last-minute touchdown drive, and he had to watch the refs as they threw a few questionable flags to help Joe Flacco and the Ravens to victory.

Peterson call the refs for one specific call but SI notes that the Vikings running back had plenty of flags to be upset about. A fumble in the first half ended up going to the Ravens even though the replay appeared to show that running back Toby Gerhart was down before the ball came out. A phantom pass interference call was also called against the Vikings during the Ravens’ game-winning drive.

The Vikings and the Ravens traded four touchdowns in just 82 seconds during the final minutes of the fourth quarter. The Vikings, again, ended up on the losing side and that can be pretty frustrating. Add an injury and a couple of snowball throwing fans on top of that and you get one pissed off Viking.

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