Police Officer Jason Cullum Rescues Little Girl’s Teddy Bear [Video]

Police Officer Saves Teddy Bear


An Indiana police officer went above and beyond what his job required when he rescued a little girl’s teddy bear from being run over and returned it to her family. Sgt. Jason Cullum of the Evansville Police Department spotted the bear on I-164 on Thursday and stopped his police cruiser to block traffic while he got out and retrieved the stuffed animal.

Cullum drove up a bit farther and found the bear’s owners, returning it with a kind comment. Cullum’s dash cam video of the incident was posted to the EPD’s Facebook page, where the story was picked up by local and national news channels.


Yahoo! News reports that Cullum explained that, as a father, he knew the bear was extremely important to the child who lost it. It turns out Chocolate was indeed special, as he was the first bear 8-year-old Nikki Mayo ever owned. Cullum returned the bear to Nikki’s father and grandfather, but the story doesn’t end with his good deed.

After the dash cam video was posted, Cullum got a call from the Mayo family, asking if he would meet Nikki so she could thank him in person. The pair met face-to-face at a local library for Nikki to thank him and give him a huge hug, all while clutching her bear. Cullum recalled, “That was pretty special for me. When you to police work, you do a lot of negative work and don’t expect a lot of thank you’s, so when you do get a thank you and to see her now holding the bear, that made it more special.”

Melissa Stusinski
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